The band Quasar were auditioning for a lead vocalist. Tracy answered the band’s advert in Melody Maker and successfully joined the band. Her first work began on the 1989 album “The Loreli” for Quasar. She contributed lyrics to four of the band’s five album tracks and the band then toured extensively for 18 months to promote the album.


The following year, 1990, Tracy first met and began collaborations with singer/songwriter, keyboard player and record producer, Clive Nolan. and multi-instrumentalist Karl Groom.

Over ensuing years they worked together on several projects and concept bands.

In 1990 Tracy provided vocals on a Solo Album produced for her entitled “From Ignorance to Ecstasy.”

Between 1991 and 1999, Tracy continued her collaborations with Clive and Karl, providing her vocal expertise on their Solo projects both alone and together, with two projects under the new band name, “Strangers on A Train”, and as added vocals on ‘Mad as a Hatter’ for the band “Shadowland.” Tracy sang again for Clive on his side project, “Jabberwocky.”


In 1994, Tracy ventured out providing her own lyrics and with composer Dave Sparrow, beginning a lifetime friendship and musical collaboration – under the working title of ‘The Hitchings Sparrow Project’ with the plan of making songs for themselves and producing others, using the help once again of good friend, Karl Groom. Names for a possible band, “Blue Heat” or “Dancing on Stones” were considered to promote the works. Ten songs were completed but as yet, have not been released, however video evidence shows at least one song of the collection was performed live in front of a select audience.


Tracy’s powerful passionate and theatrical voice was highly praised and sought out by numerous bands and solo artists over the decade.

In 1991 she contributed lead vocals to the title track of the artist Gandalf’s album Gallery of Dreams.

In 1993, she made a guest appearance for the band “Ulysses” on their debut album Neronia, singing on two songs: Teenage Sweethearts and Forever Lost.

Again in the 1993 Tracy sang on two songs, ‘Angel Song’ and ‘The Enemy Within’ on the album ‘Heart of David’ by “Peter Gee.”

In 1994, Tracy returned for “Gandalf” on “To Our Children’s Children,” singing lead vocals on five of the nine songs on the album.

And in 1995, she contributed vocals to four of the eleven songs on the album ‘Masquerade Overture’ by “Pendragon.”


In 1998, following the departure of vocalist Damian Wilson from the band “Landmarq,” they were in search of a new lead vocalist. Tracy was known to ‘Landmarq’ for many years, and as a valued contributor to many other artists in the Progressive Rock Family of stars.  Wanting to explore new endeavours, and to contribute her own lyrics in songs, Tracy accepted Landmarq’s invitation as lead Vocal, and joined the band. That same year, they began recording with her on their first vocally centred ‘Landmarq’ album entitled, “Science of Coincidence,” produced by the accomplished Mike Stobbie.

The following year, the band would record the live album “Thunderstruck,” and the world of touring and promoting had begun.

In 2002, they released another album “Aftershock,” followed in 2006, with a further live album entitled “Turbulence-Live in Poland,” the performance of which was released on both Dd and DVD.

Following the tour, Tracy revealed she had been diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. She commenced with the treatment with a determination and positive attitude. Following extensive treatment, Hitchings was medically cleared of her cancer. Fourteen years since their last studio recording, the band recorded the album Entertaining Angels in 2012. The album marked the band’s signature sound along with Tracy’s potent and cheerful voice.

The album’s lyrics are inspired by Hitching’s battle with cancer. As Hitchings stated in an interview with ProgRock magazine in 2013: “All the lyrics were born of my spiritual beliefs. Stories got reshaped as I was overcoming cancer with a very unconventional method, as part of reshaping my life and helping me rid myself of my nemesis.” The band has continued to tour in 2013 in support of the new album.

Towards the end of the “Landmarq” phase, in 2014, “Roadskill – Live in the Netherlands” was released, and in 2015 a compilation set, “Origins” was released, with contributions from both of both Damian Wilson and Tracy.